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Von Lotzbeck

The name von Lotzbeck can be traced 1200 years back in time as a German noble family.
Drawing inspiration from her family history, Marie merges the past with the present in clean, graphic shapes.
At the age of 9 Marie von Lotzbeck already knew what she wanted to be; a jeweller. She had just finished a weekend working as an apprentice for one of Denmarks best jewellery makers, Jytte Kløve, and there was no doubt in her mind. From that point on she was absorbed in the world of precious metals.

Her father built her first jeweller’s bench when she was 10 and she started to create and sell her very first pieces.
Von Lotzbeck jewellery represents modern classics. Timeless lines stand out over fleeting trends.
The jewellery is striking in simplicity and contrast. Sharp and soft, shiny and matte, exclusive and personal.

After studying Furniture and spatial design at The Danish Design School, Marie finally started her apprenticeship with Jytte Kløve at the age of 21. During her apprenticeship Marie participated in various projects and exhibitions and gained more experience as a jeweller.

Each piece of Von Lotzbeck jewellery is a talking piece, stylish and striking, it complements fashion trends with it's simplicity.

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